Sitemap - 2022 - Hardcore Software by Steven Sinofsky

109. Curated Bibliography

108. The End of the PC Revolution [Epilogue]

107. Click In With Surface

106. The Missing Start Menu

105. New Ultrabooks, Old Office, and the Big Consumer Preview

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104. //build It and They Will Come (Hopefully)

Bonus: Windows 8 Launch October 26, 2012

103. The End of Windows Software

102. The Experience

101. Reimagining Windows from the Chipset to the Experience: The Chipset [Ch. XV]

100. A Daring and Bold Vision

099. The Magical iPad

098. A Sea of Worry at the Consumer Electronics Show

097. A Plan for a Changing World [Ch. XIV]

BONUS: Innovation in the Context of Success (An Essay)

096. Ultraseven (Launching Windows 7)

095. Welcome to Windows 7, Everyone

094. First Public Windows 7 Demo

093. Netbook Mania

092. Platform Disruption…While Building Windows 7 [Ch. XIII]

091. Cleaning Up Longhorn and Vista

090. I’m a Mac

089. Rebooting the PC Ecosystem

088. Planning the Most Important Windows Ever

BONUS: Guest Post on History of Engineering Excellence at Microsoft

087. Reorg! Why Are We Together, Exactly?

BONUS: Avoiding Escalation in Decision-Making

086. The Memo (Part 2)

085. The Memo (Part 1)

084. How Many On the Team, Exactly?

083. Living the Odd-Even Curse [Ch. XII]

082. Defying Conventional Wisdom to Finish Office

081. First Feedback and a Surprise

080. Progress From Vision to Beta

079. Competing Designs, Better Design

078. A Tour of “Ye Olde Museum Of Office Past”

077. What Is Software Bloat, Really?

076. Chasing The Low-End Product [Ch. XI. Betting Big to Fend Off Commoditization]

075. Scaling and Transitions

074. Outlook Pride, Finally


072. Notes on Tablet PC Innovation

071. Resolving NetDocs v. Office

070. Office.NOT

069. Mega-Scale, Mega-Complexity [Ch. X]

068. The XP eXPerience

067. MYR-CDG: Product Meets Sales

066. Killing a Killer Feature (In Outlook, Again)

065. SharePoint: Office Builds Our Own Server

064. The Start of Office v. NetDocs

062-063. Antitrust: Split Up Microsoft

061. BSoD to Watson: The Reliability Journey