Chronology of Hardcore Software
"Unearned revenue associated with Productivity Applications and Developer products totaled $1.96 billion and $1.99 billion." MSFT annual report, 2000
“Konichiwa, Sinofsky desu . . . Arigatou gozaimasu.” – My Japanese language portion of the launch script for Office 2000
The biggest competition for Office 2000 was…Office 97. –Realization at the end of the project
“When your new exec offers observations on the org, the next step is an org change.” –July 1998, my own thought bubble in meeting with SteveB in our fi…
In enterprise software the best product doesn’t always win, but the winning product becomes the best product. –An old saying of unknown origin
Yes, that’s called strategy. Why can’t we have that? –BillG on Sony Memory Stick c. 1998-99.
“Microsoft’s Office 97 contains 4,500 commands for features both useful and arcane.” in “Microsoft May Face Backlash Against ‘Bloatware’”—WSJ, 11/18/96
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