"I think you should attend. Who knows, maybe it will be a script some day!?" –NatalieY pitching me on a new HR course
“SINOFSKY! SINOFSKY! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU ARE CHANGING THE FILE FORMATS?? WE CAN’T DO THAT!” –Steve Ballmer yelling across the building 17 cafeteria
We can announce a partnership, something bigger, or even the “full meal deal.” –Chris Peters to the founders of Vermeer, 1995.
I am tired from looking at all the stuff on the screen. Yikes it is overwhelming. But boy it is like a goldmine. –Me in email about early Outlook to a …
“Though nothing more than a thin metal wire, Clippit will help find what you need and keep it all together.” –Clippit being introduced in Office 97
“I don’t know how to read this without getting concerned.” –BillG replying to an Office96 status report April 1995
“Code is like dinosaurs.” –Me in a memo trying to be a thought leader
“C:\ONGRTLNS.W95” –Someone at Apple trying to be clever
“Is that an OPP-stopper?” –HeikkiK, Office PM lead
“What could be more magical than, all of a sudden, my email didn’t have typos and it was easy to add bullets?” –EdF, Word Development Manager
The idle loop is a devil’s playground. –Developers on the Word team
Overall performance is sluggish, tasks throughout suite applications are more complex to perform that in previous versions. --PC Week, Aug 21, 1995