“Who are you and why are you here?” –Dave Cutler (DaveC)
"Steven, Bill Gates called. Call him back." 
The biggest competition for Office 2000 was…Office 97. –Realization at the end of the project
Microsoft had to do something, something about Borland and NeXT.
“What Intel gives, Microsoft takes away.”
"20 percent or so of most frequently occurring crashes accounted for more than 80 percent of all crashes"—our discovery of the distribution of bugs and…
Microsoft was an early and intense adopter of email. -An intentional understatement
Chronology of Hardcore Software
Yes, that’s called strategy. Why can’t we have that? –BillG on Sony Memory Stick c. 1998-99.
Windows—one evolving architecture with hardware freedom for all users and freedom to choose amongst the largest set of applications.
"Where did 'steven' go?"
Writing Bulletproof Code