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I worked on Outlook when the dreaded ILOVEYOU virus hit. I remember a lot of what you wrote here, but the thing I remember most was the team wide mail from Kurt or Will that essentially said “Memorial Day weekend is cancelled”. They said unless you had the equivalent of a note from your doctor, you were expected to come in and work over the entire Memorial Day weekend to help get the set of patches and updates built and tested. But we all knew how serious the issue was, so while there was some grumbling, a lot of the folks on the team, many who were younger, buckled down and worked over the long weekend to help finish the ILOVEYOU patch.

To make up for it, Kurt DelBene had the entire team plus spouses/SOs for a giant party at his amazing house on Lake Washington. My wife still talks about that party and house.

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I vividly remember having to work around the Email Security Update for an in-house developed LOB application. There was a custom form I loaded into an Exchange Public Folder that Outlook would read when it was started. It contained controls to enable whatever was needed to get some of the old functionality back. If I recall correctly, it was pretty granular and I only had to turn on one or two of the options.

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