"After the stories ran, I would hear from a well-known blogger who thought we used a term he coined."

If I had a dime for every time that guy complained about not getting the credit he deserved ...

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Oct 17, 2021Liked by Steven Sinofsky

Great article. Regarding the HTML purists, we made a help authoring tool inside (on top of) Word and when Windows Help converted to HTML we used the HTML Word generated, and we were surprised by the push back and complaints from the HTML purists. The compiled (compressed) help file would look the same with purist hand written code and Word created HTML. But that did not seem to matter, they were so upset about the extra HTML code. We ended up making our own HTML authoring tool.

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Jan 5Liked by Steven Sinofsky

I tried using Word to create a website back in the day but when the HTML generated for it was vast and incomprehensible, I gave up. I also remember trying to save to a web server and Word either locking up or crashing. It wasn't very pretty.

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