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Thank you for this, I was a web dev in test on Win95, OSR2 IE 3, 4 etc, in IPTD (Internet Platforms and Tools Division), I developed and managed PTDWEB, great memories, ironically spending most of it making org charts on the site for Brad Silv / Brad Chase etc. Then I moved to AICG. I was the one who replied all to Jim Allchin with “YES SIR,SALUTING AS I TYPE” (pertaining to scratched cars in the garage) in all caps, not noticing the entire buildings 26 and 27 aliases were on the cc line 🤦‍♀️

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Oops :-)

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Perhaps my favourite chapter so far. Really fascinating to see all the challenges and difficulties from the inside, particularly the recognition of the paradigm change brought about by the Internet coupled with the fact that the necessary technologies just didn't yet exist to actually and realistically "Internet-ise" everything - when from the outside Microsoft's dominance seemed assured.

"Don't ship the org chat" is my new product mantra :)

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