Jan 27, 2021 • 28M

[LISTEN] 095. Welcome to Windows 7, Everyone

I can see clearly now the rain is gone/I can see all obstacles in my way/Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind/It’s gonna be a bright (bright)/Bright (bright) sunshiny day/ — Johnny Nash, 1972

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Personal stories and lessons from inside the rise and fall of the PC revolution as narrated by the author.

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While it is incredibly fun to do a first demo of a big product as described in the previous section, there is something that tops that and even tops the actual release to manufacturing. That is providing the release, actual running code, to a product’s biggest fans. It was time to welcome everyone to Windows 7 and put the code that the team had been working on since the summer of 2007 out for the world (of techies) to experience.

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