Jan 27, 2021 • 38M

[LISTEN] 084. How Many On the Team, Exactly?

If you want to know what an organization is doing, then just count where the developers are and what they are working on. — Me

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Steven Sinofsky
Personal stories and lessons from inside the rise and fall of the PC revolution as narrated by the author.

This is the audio for the post, 084. How Many On the Team, Exactly?

Much of what Hardcore Software has been about was what we were building (and why). This chapter is about how. Specifically, I wanted to delve into the management structure and what we worked through to restore efficacy and build a new kind of Windows team. Over the next few posts, we will journey through understanding of the cultural challenges the team faced, figuring out a plan to lay the foundation to address those, and then putting that plan into action. This first post gets to the core of understanding what precisely the team is building by figuring out how many people work on what projects. That should be simple, no?

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