Jan 27, 2021 • 37M

[LISTEN] 081. First Feedback and a Surprise

As the demos show, the most obvious departure from the past is that menus and toolbars are all but wiped out. —Jakob Nielsen (Nielsen-Norman Group)

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Steven Sinofsky
Personal stories and lessons from inside the rise and fall of the PC revolution as narrated by the author.

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This is the audio for 081. First Feedback and a Surprise (link to text version).

We’d been working on Office12 for almost two years and the product had made enormous progress. The team was buzzing, and everyone was very excited. This product was different. We were building something we could all feel. It was a product that was good for individuals, not just organizations. Still, no one outside the company had seen it or knew of the monumental changes we were making. The user interface in Office was not just a user interface for the PC, for many many people for the past 15 years it had been the interface for the PC. We were quite confident. JulieLar was confident and prepared. This was a big moment, the first public showing and then the first feedback.

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