Jan 27, 2021 • 39M

[LISTEN] 078. A Tour of “Ye Olde Museum Of Office Past”

“What'll Mac products be like ten years from now? This much I know: Word will have still more icon bars…” —David Pogue, MacWorld, February 1994

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Steven Sinofsky
Personal stories and lessons from inside the rise and fall of the PC revolution as narrated by the author.

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Welcome to “Ye Olde Museum Of Office Past.” This section is one of the more deeply product-focused of Hardcore Software. I hope to make it fun. In this section, I will go through the history and evolution of the Office user interface. While there were numerous innovative user interface systems and approaches across the industry, what we developed in Office by virtue of the breadth of usage and position of influence was viewed by many as a standard to be followed. Many readers have experienced the innovations discussed here. By stepping through over 20 years of user interface designs for Microsoft’s word processing applications, we can see the dedication to solving problems. We can also see the creeping introduction of bloat.

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